The import of waste foreign suppliers AQSIQ certificate extension, change the relevant list

The import of waste foreign suppliers AQSIQ certificate extension, change the relevant list

The import of waste foreign suppliers AQSIQ certificate extension, change the relevant list application continues the duration of validity of the registration offoreign suppliers, should be submitted to

(1) the "generation of imported solid wastes as raw materials inspection and quarantine electronic supervision system" and print the registration application form;

(2) the tax registration documents notarized, business registration documentalso provides the business registration documents notarized;

(3) fixed office space plan showing the dimension, a processing site, should also provide processing site plans, which can fully display the site, the site real photos of more than 5 photos;

(4) a copy of the original registration certificate of registration;

(5) according to the registered waste raw material types submitted each yearof waste materials of pre shipment inspection certificate and / or the imported waste raw materials inspection and quarantine clearance single copy (each year, various types of at least 1, providing nearly three years export records).An agent application, shall submit a power of attorney, the entrusted partiesoriginal photocopies of identity. Submit the written materials, must use the textsin Chinese or in foreign language.