Brief Introduction of AQSIQ License

1. What is the AQSIQ license?

The full name of AQSIQ license is “Licence of Registration for Overseas Supplier Enterprise of Imported Solid Waste as Raw Materials”. It's issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ for short), so we called the certificate which it issued as AQSIQ license. It's suitable for the enterprises which want to export solid waste from abroad to mainland China.


2. How to get the AQSIQ license?

You need to submit the certificate application to AQSIQ office, and provide the corresponding written materials as required. The office will determine whether you have become the qualification of foreign suppliers of the solid waste through examination of the materials. The AQSIQ license will be issued to you, after success.


3. How to use the AQSIQ certificate?

The AQSIQ certificate will be expressed to your office address together with a USB-KEY. You need to use the USB-KEY to apply for inspection and quarantine of shipment before you every time delivery goods to Chinese mainland, then the goods can be shipped to China after validation passes.


4. AQSIQ daily maintenance.

4.1 Renewal:

The certificate is valid for three years, renewal need to be done once every three years. We will continue to assist our old customers on time to apply. Non-old clients need to contact with us six months before the certificate expires.

4.2 Alteration

If any information has been changed such as the company name, business address, business registration address, contact person, you need to submit the application for change to the administration office, so please contact us immediately after the alteration was completed.

4.3 Addition:

Types of solid waste on the AQSIQ certificate can change, if you want to increase the types of solid waste on the certificate, you can submit additional application to the administration.


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